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) brr! (shrieks) (thuds) sean, you're the biggest jerk i've ever met. (laughing) and if i ruined this book, you're buying a new one. (laughing continues) i cannot believe that-- turn that off. i hate you. (indistinct conversations) (snoring) he goes from rapid eye movement to rapid face movement. (man) you ready? ooh, i'm ready. (laughs) in this case, a yardstick can be used to measure i.q. (snaps loudly, laughter) welcome home, dad. how's this for a greeting after a long day at work? (gasping) (woman laughs) toddlers are a real handful. they have tons of energy. they're much faster than you could possibly imagine. but don't worry, parents. doesn't last forever.
fallen in the line of hero during the boston bombing manhunt. m.i.t. official, sean collier, yesterday, the summerville police department swore collier in. they immediately retired his badge. >>> things didn't go exactly as planned for a couple of criminals in brazil. you see the bad guy there, pulling up on a motorcycle. one guy waits while the would-be robber goes inside. about 30 seconds later, surveillance cameras capture the moment when he goes -- come on now, wait for it. flying through the window, on to the pavement. the robbery foiled. epic fail. >>> north of the border, check this one out. a camera mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle caught a young black bear crossing the highway just a moment before it collides with the motorcycle. it threw him off the bike. luckily, the motorcyclist suffered only minor injuries. and the bear, police say the bear just walked away. >> tough bear. >>> preseason football last night. >> here's neil and stan with all of the highlights. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett.
retail stores. >>> this afternoon you can meetdavis will meet fans seaning autographs and posing for-- signing autographs and posing for pictures. first could have first serve only one autograph per person as they choose to show up. >>> it's diet right now but we have plent -- it's diet -- dry right now but we have plenty of showers coming up. i will tell you when it arrives here coming up. >> reporter: well, nothing to get gnar way on 97 at 695. we are dealing-- get in your way on 95 at 695. but we are dealing with a delay in rail service. i will have all the details coming up after the break. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >>> authorities in las vegas say they stopped the plot to kidnap, torture and kill police officers. investigators say david bruch and devon newman were awrested -- arrested they wanted to smash officers and put them on trial and execute them in a vacant house them the wanted to bring ateng to the antisovereign citizen movement. >>> you are seeing what customers-- let's roll the video. high winds rolling through. the t
? first up, "worlds end" folks who made sean of the dead and hot fuzz. five lifelong friend go become to finish an historic pub crawl they started in the 90s. when the final pub is called halfway through. and everyone in the town replaced by robots. the motley troupe has to save the human race. it begins like this. take a listen. >> -- for 16 years -- i haven't had a drink for 16 years. >> you must be thirsty the we can go back. and this time we will finish this thing once and for all. >> you have a selective memory, jerry. >> thanks. >> you remember friday nights. i remember monday mornings. >> you get the sense of the zany verbal humor. "new york post" reviewer said, "world's end, can't end soon enough." >> most actually reviews were positive. l.a. times, feels like a sell brags of friendship and dlab racing and all that is silly and gloriousen the human spirit. not bad. >> continuing with our alcohol theme here. drinking buddies is a small indy movie romantic comedy, at the heart of the drama are two brewery workers, like and kate and greg attraction to each other though both are i
. his name is sean donely. >> sam: hi. thank you so much for coming. it's just right through the doors right there. thank you. thanks. >> alexis: hi. >> sam: hey, mom. >> alexis: okay, i made the runs at kelly's. >> sam: and what about the floating rib? >> alexis: did i tell you i was going there? >> sam: no, you smell like barbecue sauce. >> alexis: that's music to everyone's ears. all right, i think i convinced three people to get tested. how'd the turnout go here? >> sam: uh, you know, it's, uh -- it's not as bad as i thought. >> alexis: could have been better? >> sam: yeah, mom. it could -- it could have been better. i think the turnout would have been great if it hadn't been for derek wells. >> derek: [ sighs ] [ door opens ] >> ava: what the hell do you think you're doing, julian? >> derek: at the moment, trying to pinpoint where sonny's cover business is most vulnerable. as you know, phase 2 is -- >> ava: i'm not talking about that. i'm talking about this. >> kiki: you want to get married right now? >> morgan: yeah! why not? i mean, we both know what we want. let's just get it d
: because he needed it. >> luke: for what? to bathe in? to buy blarney castle? why? >> sean: because of this! >> holly: my god! is that what i think it is? >> luke: it's the cure. >> anna: i didn't think you'd be able to get out of work in time to come help with mac and felicia's party. >> duke: ah, i thought it would be prudent if i left elq early. with all the upheaval over there, it's best if i keep a low profile. i wouldn't want to be wandering into tracy's cross hairs. >> anna: what do you mean? what upheaval? >> duke: you haven't heard? >> anna: mnh-mnh. >> duke: i may be out of a job, thanks to ava jerome. >> ava: silas.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6